Best definition
a flying bullet or sumthing speeding in the air
or disapear

wow look at that thing zypher in the air
zypher: define #2
verb (to disappear out of the room abruptly)
Don’t zypher out of the room you noob
zypher: define #3
A person who lurks a lot; master lurker
I hardly see her online, she zypher’s a lot.
zypher: define #4
zypher meaning to be german and be a total wanker, from the cod scene this guy is known for being low skilled
zypher is a newb who i pwn hard
zypher: define #5
person who jacks off all the time
Mike W. and Casey are zyphers
zypher: define #6
a person who jacks off a lot
Mike w and casey r are zyphers
zypher: define #7
A Fat Pig With the name Casey or Kristopher
Casey is a zypher