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(swoo-GEE, rhymes with movie), adjective, verb, noun.Saying that something is zwuGy is like saying it’s cool, chill, or fly.zwuGy can

be used in present or past tense to describe people, places, or things.The optimal usage of zwuGy however, is in a euphoric scenario created by a series of events which occurred in seemingly random succession. Once declared zwuGy, it is then realized that the events leading up the the current scenario were in fact connected.—Related forms
zwuGe, zwuGer, noun.
zwuuGed, verb; past tense.

Pete: “How have you been Joe?”

Joecool: “Everything is zwuGy, brother!”

Kristen: “Any plans for tonight zwuGer?”

Brittany: “Gettin all zwuGy, there is a party at zwuGe’s…”

Kristen: “I’ll probably zwuGe on over!”