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Zune Crazy
After buying a 120 GB Zune and having the power to upload infinitely from the internet with torrents, you go

crazy with uploading, and fill 20 GB of that Zune in the first day with music you plan to get around listening to, but there’s so much music you spend most of your time listening to these bands and therefore, called Zune Crazy.

Mark: Hey guys, what band do you think is the best band to come out of this decade?

Scott: Uhh I don’t know, Coldplay?

Jim: Coldplay sucks! It would probably be either Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire, The Mars Volta, or Animal Collective. Some other good choices would be TV On The Radio, The Black Keys or MGMT.

Scott: Damn how do you remember so many of those bands off the top of your head?

Mark: Don’t ask him, he’s Zune Crazy.