ZÚM crew

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ZÚM crew
the name of a car club that featured only the nicest and fastest cars at Ceres High School in Ceres,

CAthe word ZÚM came from a custom screen printing apparel line that featured custom JDM import cars on t-shirts.One guy by the name ZÚM was well known in high school as always wearing these shirts to school and later installed a huge ZÚM banner on his car which was at the time, one of the cleanest and fastest cars at the street drags.with this reputation for having the fastest and cleanest JDM style car in town, he started gaining friends that wanted to associate themselves with ZÚM and they started a car club called ZÚM Crew.to be in ZÚM crew you had to have a clean, fast JDM style car. If you had that and were down for no drama you were in and offered protection and friendship.ZÚM Crew was well respected but truly hated by those that didn’t have a car that was both nice, clean, and FAST.all of the original ZÚM crew members remain good friends today.and ZÚM still drives around in one of the cleanest and nicest JDM style cars.

Pronunciation: zoom


rev up you engine and ZÚM!