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Zulibeth is unique and goofy. She is beautiful inside and out. She is a great friends, and will always be

by your side no matter what. She tends to like guys for how they look, but after she finds out who they truly are, she forgets about them. Zulibeth loves makeup and shopping. Just one smile, and she can light up the world. She is also very intelligent and talented. She is great at singing, and she lives to write. Her eyes take everyone’s breath away. When she gets mad, its serious. Although, she forgives easily. She is sensible and funny. If you ever meet a Zulibeth, you’re considered lucky for a few reasons. One, she is beautiful and talented. Second, her name is unique. And third, she will always be by your side.

Person A: Dude, who’s that hottie right there?

Person B: Oh, that’s Zulibeth.