Best definition
Someone who’s wild and untamable, and likes to shock. A loud and outrageous girl. A ZsaZsa doesn’t want to take life too seriously.
Person A: “You’re so much fun, such a ZsaZsa.”

The ZsaZsa: “Groovy, wicked, cool, now let’s dance!”

Person 1: “Quit being a ZsaZsa for a minute, this is important.”

The ZsaZsa: “Lighten up, dude.”

ZsaZsa: define #2
Zsa Zsa
A very nice girl, small but beautiful. She’s pretty sexy, and got dat booty. She’s almost always happy tho and can make you smile. But she is kind of a slut too.
She’s nice and i would date her but she’s kinda like a Zsa Zsa at school
ZsaZsa: define #3
zsa zsa
a chola who likes brent rivera
a: omg i pulled a zsa zsa, i revined brent rivera!

b: i hate you
ZsaZsa: define #4
Zsa Zsa
Verb: To date;marry just to golddig.
Mike: Dude, that chick Zsa Zsa’d me. Like, srsly. It pisses me off.

John: What the fuck?
ZsaZsa: define #5
Zsa Zsa
To overstay, hang on too long
It was like 4 a.m. but Mindy was pulling a Zsa Zsa.

I blew my nose ten time but that boogie was all Zsa Zsa.