Best definition
Higher than high
one step beyond zooted
often acoseated wit kush or headdies

me: zoopy

you: did you jus zoppy?

me: ha
zoopy: define #2
(adj) When you drink a lot of a caffeinated drink and its really late at night, it is the crazy mood/sugar-high you experience
My cousin and I were playing Scrabble and I felt Zoopy
zoopy: define #3
zoopies are created by wrapping a plastic bag tightly around the end of a stick, then lighting the plastic bag on fire. hold the stick 5+ feet above the ground, and the plastic makes a “zoop” noise as it burns away and falls to the ground. it looks and sounds pretty awesome.
“The other night at the campfire, Jimmy did zoopies! It was radical!”
zoopy: define #4
glum, gloomy, depressing, sad, failing, sadly soaking, anything that describes my life.
“The weather was very zoopy today, so i didnt wear my white vans” – Nitty