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A popular and highly suggestive dance exercise that has taken the world by storm.

Zoomba: because that pole isn’t going to dance around itself.
Zoomba: define #2
to dance, to make move,
zoomba lighting, zoomba party, zoomba night
Zoomba: define #3


1. A creature that resembles the slow-walking evil brown mushroom that can be squashed in the videogame Mario Bros (called a goomba), but moves much quicker at a jogging or running pace.

2. An evolved species of aggressive zombie that has acquired the ability to move quickly and decisively, as opposed to old-fashioned snail-paced zombies.

“After all these years, you would think Nintendo could upgrade these goombas to zoombas.”

“I think the machete is a wise choice. These zoombas are way too fast to hit with the conventional zombie sniper rifle.”