zombie movie

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zombie movie
When you walk up in your house, and everybody dead.Usually a form of retribution, caused by offending one’s enemies, not paying ransom money, etc.
Even after we had the kid call his parents, they wouldn’t pay up. So we had to film a zombie movie at their house, if you know what I’m sayin.
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Zombie Movie
A movie featuring a group (Zombies) who, by some transmitable cause, infect others or kill them. In most zombie movies the zombies also eat the living. Some movies can be debated to be zombie movies like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Many zombie movies have been deemed ridiculous in recent years because of the remakes of “Dawn of the Dead” and the Zomedy “Shaun of the Dead.” It could be argued that zombie movies became ridiculous after countless grindhouse flicks during the 70s, and specifically the “Evil Dead” films. The cause of zombies in each film is different, usually pertaining to the era the film was made in. “Night of the Living Dead” was radiation, and during the Cold War the threat of radiation by the atomic bomb was a serious concern. In a more modern setting “28 weeks later” the zombies have virus, much like modern biochemical weapons.
“Want to see a zombie movie with me?”

“no, those are ridiculous”

“I dunno, I think this new one really speaks to the fears of my generation”
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Zombie movie
Any old movie that appears on television, usually on a Saturday afternoon, that mesmorizes the victim while channel surfing. The victim is then forced to see the rest of the movie until the end, putting the victim, usually male, into a zombie-like state. The movie is usually characterized by bad special effects, questionable acting, and may have won a “razzie” award.
Good examples are “Big Trouble in Little China”, “The Last Dragon”, and any odd-numbered Star Trek movie.

Joan was almost ready to leave, but her husband got caught by a Zombie movie while channel surfing.