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Originally a gaming term from a mobile game turn based wrestling game originating from one players apparent ceaseless misfortune. Through

popular use It now means to suffer from ridiculous bad luck or when what should be a comfortable winning situation turns into a complete loss.

Gaming example: you’ve just caused massive amounts of damage to your opponent, on the last turn of the pin, they cause a cascade, escape the pin and win the match. Also you have a much underclassesed opponent, on their first turn they generate a massive cascade, against which you can do nothing, and win the match. You just got zodiarked.

Real life scenario: you walk along the street, find a 20 note. Full of joy and good fortune you pick it up to put it in your wallet just to discover that your wallet, containing 100, has been pickpocketed. You just got zodiarked.

You’re playing the lottery, turns out that you’ve won the jackpot. How ever, your dog then eats the ticket, you can’t find any proof of its existence and to top it off, you find that the Shop you bought it from has lost their proof as well. Unable to claim, you just got zodiarked.

You’re on a long distence drive. You just pass a gas station and fill up your tank, feeling very fortunate that you remembered to top up. You then drive for many miles, right into the wilderness to suffer a blowout. You find that your in car charger hasn’t been working so your phone is dead, your car jack has broken and you left your bags of shopping in the gas station. You’re far too far away to walk anywhere and no one’s likey to cross your way for a number of hours. You just got zodiarked.