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1. n. peculiar kind of punning slang, believed to have originated in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Australia. Characterised by its ability to turn any regular word into a pun, regardless of circumstances or appropriateness. Eg Keith Urban Dictionary2. v. To zlee, zleed, zleeing. To portray affluence and wealth whilst simultaneously decrying a lack of funds and not appearing to be gainfully employed.
Friend 1: Is Big Phil coming to the gig at Niddrie Community Hall tonight?

Friend 2: Nah, he says he can’t afford the cover charge. Then I see him totally zleeing around town in a Porshe 996 GT3 with three lingerie-clad hookers in the back.

Friend 1: Gosh, that man knows how to zlee
Zlee: define #2
A small African tribe in the southern most tip of Africa.
Those Zlee people are some fierce people.