Best definition
its italian
it’s uncle but in italy thay also use it to say friend

bella zio = hay man
zio: define #2
Someone who vandalizes property (public or private) willfully and illegally or commits other illegal actions.

(Can be pronounced “zigh-oh”)
Dave is such a zio, did you see him spray paint the side of the school?
zio: define #3
Zio is a name to laugh at. He’s a male so full of shit he’s bored with life. He breaks people’s hearts like a total lunatic and doesn’t bother to stitch it up back together. He feels swag and dank but he’s really a full-blown dick. He only cares about ass and nuts, he doesn’t look into feelings and all that shit. In other words, he’s an asshole.
Dude 1: Zio’s such a cool guy. He has all the awesomeness in the world.

Dude 2: Bitch where?

Dude 3: That guy’s such an asshole you know?