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Having someone complete a job for you, then finding out they didn’t do it and blame you for it not

getting done.

That dealership “Zimmered” Jimmy like a bitch!

This guy is suck a jerk, he going to get “Zimmered” by me on this job!
Zimmered: define #2
To be one-uped by someone else.
I had that great story about when I saved that rabbit from being eaten by the cat when I got Zimmered by that guy who saved that kid from being hit by a truck.
Zimmered: define #3
When someone does something patently wrong and then apologises publicly in a melodramatic way so as to garner sympathy greater than that given to the person that was wronged originally.
“I can’t believe that 72 year old fat fuck Zimmered me and now I’m the bad guy! Maldito Gerbil!”
Zimmered: define #4
to charge directly, only to be grabbed by the head and thrown aside.
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