ziggy wiggy

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ziggy wiggy
this term is used to describe an artistic designs that black males buzz into their haircut. The hair is often kept short and the buzzed section exposes the scalp, which provides the contrast, so that others can see the design.
chauncy got a really nice ziggy wiggy yesterday from the barber shop, the design is really orginal.
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Ziggy Wiggy
Suburban adolescent Caucasian males that dress like “Vanilla Ice” and are seen with a small poorly rolled marijuana cigarette.

“Ziggy” is used as a reference to a popular rolling paper sold under the name of Zig Zag.

“Wiggy” is short for “Wigger”. A common name for white people with a strong taste for african-american pop-culture.

GOB 1- Lets jump this Ziggy Wiggy and take his bud.

GOB 2- Ok