Best definition
awesome, or extremely cool
lots of fun

That party was ziggs
Ziggs: define #2

1. Little fag.

2. A walking gloryhole.

3. The worst insult you could call another human being.
Ex 1. What did Ziggs get for his first birthday?

A horse sized dildo.

Why did the kidnapper return three year old Ziggs the next day?

The kidnapper said: “Ziggs was no fun, he was so stretched out I couldn’t feel anything.”

Ziggs is so gay he brushes his teeth with cum.

Ex 2. What do you say when 32 black guys with erections walk into the same alley?

Ziggs must be working tonight.

What did Ziggs say when 25 black guys were in him at the same time?

“I can fit more, my record is 28.”

What is Ziggs’ favorite place to visit in the world?

The prison with the highest male-on-male rape percentage.

Ex 3. Steve: “John, you are a Ziggs”

*John kills himself instantly*

Ziggs: define #3
To enhance an expirience through the use of drugs.
“This is a lame-ass party, im going to zigg it!”
Ziggs: define #4
A master in the arts of gaming, Zigg is a cool dude that gets mad pussy.
Man Zigg was so good at sex last night