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First defined on the TV show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” to “zhoozh” means to push up with flair.

“After you put on that jacket, zhoozh the sleeves up a bit for added pizazz.”
zhoozh: define #2
To puree or blend ingredients in a blender, as in a salsa or smoothie.
During the 90’s, well-known Napa Valley chef John Ash used the expression “zhoozh them up” on his PBS cooking show to indicate the puree’ing of ingredients in a blender.
zhoozh: define #3
also spelled zhuzh

stemming from the unknown (though gays have been reknowned for stealing black slang)

n. extra shine or patina one creates on anything, from their hair to the water in the toilet 2. an affectation of excitement 3. the seemingly pretentious unexplainable additional quality required by many homosexuals in order to make a person or thing acceptable.
Paul’s Joe is always interesting to contact and surprisingly likeable despite his constant lack of zhoozh.