Best definition
When you have to fart but you can’t, because you are in a compromising position so, you pull your ass

cheeks apart to just make the breath of air sound.

Jimmy was sleeping next to a girl whom he didn’t know. Instead of passing gas really loud, he pulled apart his cheeks and Zeused.
Zeused: define #2
the god of the most awesomeness ; can not get any better
Guy 1: “Wow i just got a perfect score!”

Guy 2: “You totally Zeused it!”
Zeused: define #3
(to zeus) the acting of being zeused

Requires two individuals, one to approach a random female on the street, the other to sneak up behind the same female and “pants” her. Once victim has been depantsed, she is then tasered in the cootch by first guy who proceeds to yell “ZEUSED!”

If there is time, the victim then gets a tony danza or a quality ground beefing
We went out and zeused five bitches the other day… it was faaaantastic.