Best definition
The weirdest, most immature person ever. Zeh is that one kid who everyone wants to be their friend but you just can’t figure out why.
Yo, you see that guy over there? Everyone likes him, he’s such a Zeh

Zeh: define #2
Short term but same letter for the word the. Jus a slang way to say the. To say before noun.
Zeh X Master Is my friend.

I can’t find zeh Album.

Zeh Dog ate my homework.

Kuya X likes to be called Zeh X master

Zeh: define #3
Basically drunk talk,replaces the words “crazy!”, or “what?!”. You have to drag the word across your tongue.
example) zehhhhh!

Just a fun word to say!
Zeh: define #4
The master of the Art of NSL. Some call him the resurrection of king NSL himself.
Krusty: Did you see Zeh’s private match combos?

Mixes: Yes, I did. All he did was NSL.

Krusty: It was so intriguing it left me shocked.

Mixes: Brb, going to practice spinning on the ground.

Krusty: Kk, Terminal SND. Invite me.