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zebra boy
When a girl with braces performs oral sex leaving painful stripes on the penis where the braces were

I was in a movie theater late at night, no one was there execpt me and my babe. The movie got boring and she turned to me with a smile, she put her hand on my jeans and started unzipping slowly. Instantly I turned rock hard for her. She undid my button then slowly ducked her head down over my meaty seven inch cock. She gently blew on it then went down. The first three seconds were better then life itself, but suddenly my shaft got hooked on her braces and the day went to hell. It was such a mix of good and bad that I didn’t know what to do, the next 45 seconds was a mix of heaven and hell. She swallowed making me more conviced that it was good, but when i looked down and saw my bloody dick I knew that i got a zebra boy, it was going to be a terrible few days. I still have the scar on my dick from that one girl 3 years ago.
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Zebra Boy
A blowjob in which the one giving it is wearing braces, and the hooks on the back of the braces causes laserations that make your penis resemble the stripes of a zebra.
Damn, my girlfriend keeps giving me zebra boys cause of her stupid braces.