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Zariya is a beautiful girl and allways makes you laugh. Even if she isn’t popular, she is unique and there

is no one like her. She can be crazy, but you can always rely on her

Zariya is so cool!
zariya: define #2
Thick asf people stay hatin on her will anything to protect some one she cares about and got hella ass 👅
Zariya looks good 😊
zariya: define #3
Zariya is a amazing funny EXTRA person she is beautiful and stunning and is very unpredictable most of the times. Once you got a zariya in ur life never EVER let her go because that would be the biggest mistake of ur life because she is the best supporter in rough times. She is also the best friend u can have even through ups and downs and always has ur back . zariya is a very unique person and is very unpredictable due to you not knowing what she is going to do Ever. She also doesn’t care about what people say because there a waste of time. Once u have a Jania keep her she is a funny one she thick also and she can pull anyone she see
Get you a Zariya she will be all you need .