Best definition
1. distinguished; famous,of noble or lofty character.To have high rank, official position, or social standing.
2. notable; remarkable; exceptionally outstanding.

He is a zamora CEO, he really takes his job seriously.
zamora: define #2
Outstandingly beautiful and intelligent. And I mean it. She is absolutley one of a kind and makes the people around her feel like they are in a state of zen and happiness. (Or even sometimes like they are high on something) There are no words to say or describe how much of a great friend she is and I hope that all of her hopes and dreams come true for her. I can say first person, that she definitely has my whole heart and soul connected to hers. Also, she is hella sex.

-Zamora, you beautiful bastard.

“Hey Zamora! Pitter patter lets get at ‘er!”

“I love you Zamora.”