Zambuanga or Zambu’wanga

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Zambuanga or Zambu’wanga
Zambuanga (Zambu’wanga is the alternate spelling) is also known as La La Land. This is a Stoner reference to where

someone goes when they black out from taking too big a hit of potand passing out. Generally this condition will happen if someone hyperventilates and immediately takes a bong hit.When someone passes out they are “Off to Zambuanga.” This term was used by stoners of the 1970s into the early 1980s. It is reflexively usable for anyone passed out on drugs and/or alcohol. It can be used to express someone being knocked out.

Example 1:

That bum sleeping on the bus bench is out like he is off in Zambuanga.

Example 2:

Mary was drinking pretty hard but I think she wound up in Zambuanga an hour ago with the others who are not moving on the couch.

Example 3:

I hit him so hard I knocked him clear into Zambuanga.

Example 4:

I remember you saying you were off in Zambuenga from smoking that joint with your girlfriend. You sure that was weed?

Example 5:

Jesus Jumping Christ, my alcoholic dad is spending the day in Zambuanga today. It isn’t lunch and he already put down a case of Meisterbrau and half a bottle of Jack Daniels. I bet he wakes up for dinner like usual.

Example 6:

Zambuanga or Zambu’wanga? I am not sure how its spelled exactly. Its just no fun to go there. I like to get high, not take naps.

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