Best definition
He’s incredible, strong, sweet, funny, and I could go on and on. He’s that type of guy who would light

up the room when he walks in , the type of guy you would wanna be around 24/7, He’s the most funnest person you will ever meet and put you before him. Every time you talk to him you would never wanna go.

person 1- Oh look there’s Zale this is going to be a good day

person 2- Well obviously
Zale: define #2
cigarette. Commonly used in kenyan slang.
Man jeegs lets have a Zale!
Zale: define #3
English/Swahili slang for a Cigarette or cigar
Do you Zalè? Do you smoke?
Zale: define #4
ANNOYING AS SHIT; Moose; usually when referring to Zale’s, you are referring to their lack of “swag”
Person 1: You see that person over there being a Zale?

Person 2: Hell yeah, that nigga is whack!
Zale: define #5
tis a zalay, no more no less
Zalay is in existance
Zale: define #6
the best ‘ship’ ever in history, between z and ale♥️
Zale is the cutest relationship ever. mmmmmm