Best definition
Positive traits: Extremely high intelligence, extremely observant and perceptive to details, possesses creative imagination, keen ability to focus and concentrate outside of exterior distractions, keen ability to understand and predict human behavior, extremely developed ability to make connections using seemingly unrelated dataNegative traits: Inability to empathize with others, disregard for authority, high level of stubbornness, narcissistic, inability to properly deal with emotions, inability to properly deal with boredom, ignorance of common sense and simple knowledge, tendency to overthink and/or overanalyze, inability to conform to social normsNotes: Zal is not your typical hero; he’s sexist, rude, racist, and selfish. Zal frequently shows off his cunning and biting wit and enjoys picking people apart and mocking their weaknesses.
By Zal’s own admission he’s a “sarcastic ass”
Zal: define #2
1) a term used for a man with unusually high pectorals;

2) a man who takes significant pride in his sideburns;

3) a man who has had a full beard since the age of 11;

4) an indian man who has more hair on his ass than most people have on their heads

5) a man who dates lesbians

6) a sadistic man who abuses the lesbians in his life

7) a man who refers to himself as AWESOME! or HELLA SICK

8) a man who makes me watch 2girls1cup against my will and holds my head in place if i try to turn away (4/14/08)

9) douchebag (see above)
me: your pecs are too high.

zal: no they aren’t! they’re AWESOME, just like my AWESOME sideburns!
Zal: define #3
feeling of sitting on a hammock on an island, feeling the cool breeze over you and hearing the waves.
“Ohh man I need to kick back and zal”

“Yeah me too, it is sooo nice!”

Zal: define #4
Zal he is a sexy man he has a amazing body with great personality he enjoys listening to music he is great in bed and al the girls would love a man like zal he’s one of a kind
Yo who’s that peng guy over there

Oh yeah it’s that day one g zal