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Zakeee is a one of a kind type of person .He is smart,intelligent,and Funny ashit.Zakee is one of the best

people you would meet and would wow you ! He is a fucking g.o.a.t (Greatest of all times) he is athletic he is handsome . He is an All a student and love playing around with hard work . Zakee is just that Boul.

Damn Zakee is a goat! Zakee is smart and intelligent!Zakee is the best
Zakee: define #2
A potential candidate for Oxbridge. The highest don anyone will find.
Did you see him at Trinity college on open day. He was such a Zakee!
Zakee: define #3
when u forget your boots in ny and find out about it when u get to utah.
damn, i pulled a zakee
Zakee: define #4
1. A guy who is blacker than black, but also can be seen as a tamil. They are usually homosexuals. He eats out of date foods. His father is part of the al qaeeda. He is in americas 10 most wanted terrorists.

2. Tamil
1. That guy is bare zakee alie?

2. That guy is well dark- do you reckon he’s a zakee?