Best definition
Is a beautiful unique girl, who can be shy at first but once you get to know her she can be very talkitave.This name is very rare, just like she is.Most of the time she is tall, and has curly brown hair.She has many hopes and dreams and wants to achieve them all someday.She can be very nice until you make her angry, and that you do not want to see.
Makes friends very easily, but is not the smartest of the bunch.She has a gorgeous smile, and usually has dimples. Pretty brown eyes, but can also be green.She is not perfect, and knows she has flaws.
She sees the good in someone no matter how bad they are.
She doesn’t care about what you look like, talk like, smell like, she only cares about your personality, and will accept you for whoever u r. And never judges.
Zairya doesn’t think better of herself, but below. Doesn’t think that she is good enough even though she’s a great person.