Best definition
A Zainab: a girl who is smart and always happy. She wakes up in the morning with her hair all

crazy. Never get a zainab mad because zainab will roast you so bad you will need ice on that burn. A zainab always gets good grade and a zainab has a lot of friend and also a lot of enemies. When you meet a zainab you are blessed if your on her good side and cursed if your on her bad side. Meet a zainab. Keep that zainab.

Janna: did you see Zainab

Lara: ya I met her

Janna: she’s the best. She’s my best friend

Lara: uh ….. she’s ok

Zainab: define #2
A nice friendly girl that means “Beautiful Jewel” can game really well is daddy’s girl also is sweet,nice,talented and smart you will never make a mistake with a Zainab
Zainab is really pretty
Zainab: define #3
She will bless your life in so many ways. If you date a Zainab, it will be the most amazing choice you will have ever made. If you fall in love with a Zainab, go for it and make her your woman…you may not ever find someone like her. Her smile is to die for💖💖💖Zainabs also come with big bootys
Wow…. I need a Zainab in my life
Zainab: define #4
Zainab (also spelled Zaynab, Zeinab, Zinab, and in other ways; Arabic: زينب , ˈze næb, ˈzi næb, ˈzajnab) is a female given name meaning “a father’s precious jewel”, or “the adornment/beauty of the father”. … It can also mean “fragrant flower”. This person is confident and smart. She is fun to be around and tries to make everyone happy. Usually she speaks in a loud voice. Sometimes she can also be very very lazy.
Zainab is fun
Zainab: define #5
Someone that everyone loves. She is really funny and different. She often speaks in a loud voice because she can’t be quiet she talks a lot and is really energetic. She is quite smart and talented.
Oh my got zainab’s coming cover your ears
Zainab: define #6
A girl name which basically means father’s pride. She’s the go to girl who loves to please people, she’s free spirited and also fun to be with. You can never make a wrong choice dating a Zainab.
I hope to get myself a Zainab someday

Zainab is who I want to make my wife.

Zainab: define #7
It is derived from the Arabic root word, Zeenah, which means, ‘Precious Jewel’. It is also the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s Daughter.
She is such a Zainab (Precious Jewel) to me.