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A nickname for Zig-Zag, a type of Rolling Paper used for rolling tabacco filled cigarettes. Another common usage for this

rolling paper is for rolling a Joint filled with pot/CannabisVarious Sizes are available. There are also varieties of these sizes including Liquorice, Water Resistant, Slow Burning and Free Burning

On your way over, be sure to pick up a box of zags, cause I am almost out.
Zag: define #2
Zag or zaga means shit (in arabic)
Eat my zag!You piece of zaga
Zag: define #3
The shortened name of Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington. The Zags
Did you see the Zags basketball team this year?
Zag: define #4
An Arabic word that is used ALOT which means shit, you should never say it to strangers or to people you dont know very well if you want to make a good first impression :).

1. Nora: omg Jana you are very annoying koly zag! = eat shit = shut up.

2.Ahmad: Omar is such a little piece of zag.
Zag: define #5
Zags are short fo zig-zags.
Pass me them zags so i can roll this j up homie.
Zag: define #6
The opposite of zig. When both are found together, they become a zigzag.
The line is zig zagging all over the road.
Zag: define #7
rolling papers, usually used for smoking pot; short for zig-zags
you got some zags?

not at all man. let get some from the sto

fo sho because a nigga need a tall can-(i got 5 on it) luniz