Best definition
zae is the goat he is fine asf he the realest he keeps it 1k all the time loyal asf

he a fly black boy

damn i need me a zae
zae: define #2
A man that doesn’t know what he wants. Won’t settle down for anyone. Someone who knows he’s really cool. Not to tall, but just perfect. Dreads and dark skin. The man of my dreams.
“I want to find a Prince Zae”
zae: define #3
The LAST word on urban dictionary. A place of pride and bravery.
Dude! You went totally Zæ last night!
zae: define #4
Zae a nigga wid a big dick and he loves to fuck ppls mom
Dayum zae just fucked my momma
zae: define #5
An emo dumbass who want some to see the manager
Why is this ugly zae in my presence