Best definition
The sweetest guy you’ll ever know he doesn’t show it, he so damn cute you’ll like him and not even

realise when you get to know him he isn’t so intimidating he is one of those guys you admire from a far and watch grow when you get to know him he gets to you know you too he is always open to talk to, he has been through things but we all have, he is easily hurt but will put it to the side to help you is you find a Zackary don’t let him go!

Person 1: I think i like him…

Person 2: Who?

Person 1: Zackary..
Zackary: define #2
completely awesome person, awesome in the bed, better than a vinny or an owen completely filled with awesomeness so much better than a carson
Look at him, he can’t be a vinny or an owen and definately not a carson, he must be a zackary.
Zackary: define #3
its like A dackary but different its really a combination of the nastyiest things you can find and you pit it in a blender and mix it and now you have a zachary.
yeah we made a zackary with a bunch of worms and old cheese and john thru up.
Zackary: define #4
1 – A nasty drink made of random shit.

2 – A Very Very Very Very Very unlucky prepubescent girl of a man who is single and will always be single.

Damn man, you’re a Zackary.
Zackary: define #5
A rude and abnoxious person. Calls babies ugly and hits girls. You would not want to be his girlfriend. You would not even want to ask him out. You do not ever want to know a Zackary. You do not want him in your life. STAY AWAY FROM ALL ZACKARYS. I REPEAT STAY AWAY FROM ALL ZACKARY. You will regret it if you do not take this advice seriously. I know from personal experience.
Zackary is a butt.