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Zack Morris
n. the blonde whiteboy playa from Saved By The Bell. That dude was crazy!
v. I guess it means a type

of 80’s guitar solo, according to the cat above me. Either or random term, or derived from the fact the Saved by the Bell was around in the 80s and early 90’s

I don’t feel like putting no example down
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Zack Morrisname
When you are having sex (any position) and say time out, but only you are allowed to move.
Man, I pulled a Zack Morris last night on Kelly
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zack morris
To be talking on a larger than normal cell phone, as Zack hauled around his cool “Cellular phone” during Saved By The Bell
When you see somebody on a cell phone that might be an older model, not 80’s per se, but maybe something late 90’s or early 2000’s that’s bigger than the phones that are “in”. “That’s so Zack Morris style”.
Zack Morris: define #4
Zack Morrisname
The womaniser from Saved by the Bell. Was in love with Kelly, bound to end up together. Sooo 90’s.
Kelly: Oh my god, I love Zack Morris.

Lisa: Oh hunni, I saw him out with that other girl.


Kelly: Hey Zack…

Zack: Oh, hey Kel, whats up?

Kelly slaps Zack.
Zack Morris: define #5
Verb. To date more than one girl on the same night in the same location. Derived from the name of a common employer of the classic sitcom trope, Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell.
-“Dude, I’m seeing these two totally awesome chicks, but I can only afford one night out this week.”

-“Easy dude, find a large bar and Zack-Morris them.”
Zack Morris: define #6
Zack Morrismusic
To rock out with an 1980’s style electric guitar solo similar to that of any of the major hair bands of that period.
Weezer typically likes to Zack Morris it up on stage after their concerts with an extended electric guitar solo.