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A Lemur puppet on a kids tv show, usually on in the mornings.
Anyone who has no children or is not

under 10 watching this show needs help.
See- Psychiatrist
– Mental Issues
– Lack of Life.

Adult With No Children- yo you see that Zaboomafoo last week?!

Adult With Children- boy you need to grow on the hell up.
Zaboomafoo: define #2
an expression of excitement
Person one: Dude this girl told me she liked me and I went all ZABOOMAFOO!!!
Zaboomafoo: define #3
The awkward stage before dating someone when they aren`t just your friend but you`re not on-the-go yet.
-Hey man, heard you were dating the new girl.

-Nah, we aren’t serious. We’re just zaboomafoo
Zaboomafoo: define #4
sexual innuendo. sex move or act involving a banana, K.Y. Jelly, fuzzy cuffs, and a lemur.
man 1: “dude, what the fuck happened to you’re eye?!”

man 2: “Uhhg, last night was crazy, i brought a girl home from the club and we zaboomafoo’d.”

Zaboomafoo: define #5
A Leemur On a stupid T.V. show… A disgrace to all Leemurs.
MAAAAN.. We got BWEEEEAAASTED Last night and watched Zaboomafoo!! It was so Hip jiggity!
Zaboomafoo: define #6
Another word for african american, used as slang.
“look at those group of zaboomafoos playing basketball”
Zaboomafoo: define #7
Used to describe African American’s. It come’s from their language because zaboomafoo (zuh-boom-uh-foo) is something they’d say.
Cod nerd: F****n zaboomafoo! stop!

40 year old virgin: hey dawg i aint no nigga!

Cod nerd: your better than me at no lifing so you are!

40 year old virgin: Get a life ya lil kid.

Cod nerd: your probably 40 get outta your moms house you zaboomafoo

40 year old virgin: *cry’s*