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A Buffalo NY based abbreviation of the phrase “you guys”.The phrase is generally accepted to have started as a rebellion

against the term yinz, as it didn’t make logical sense to the Pittsburgh neighbors.

What are yuys doing tonight?

Yuys hear that they cut Moorman?

Yuys: define #2
“A sexy way of saying, “Yay”. Or When Yay and Yup are Combined.
Girl: “Take off your clothes, we’re having sex.”

Boy: “Yuy!”

Yuys: define #3
More than love
I yuy those babes
Yuys: define #4
1.That asian kid that was so coo. Had a gay sister named susan tat was always on myspace.

2.The guy that lobed to no scope and pwnz.
someone: Hi YUY!

Yuy: Hi gay!!!! my sister is gay