Best definition
A lady that has a unique personality. Her presence can bring happiness and lots of joy. Although she tends to

forget to use her brain sometimes, it is always amusing to see how unique she is compared to other people. A lady that doesn’t talk to much people, but enjoys it when she does. Her reactions may be amusing for she does not mind of what others think of her. Yura is a lovely person to hang out with and definitely worth the time to get to know.

Yura is so dumb.
Yura: define #2
normally a creepy guy who will fool you at first, you will be friends with him until you start to notice weird things he does and realize there is something off about him. usually a russian who decides to join the U.S. Army to feel like he belongs with his american friends and pretends to love his country when really he wants to dominate the world like a slightly more attractive Hitler. they like to wear skinny jeans, sperry’s, and v-necks or tank tops.
Yura was cool at first… then he started making weird comments about other men in our barrack.
Yura: define #3
A gorgeous girl who has goals and priorities in life. Shes got beautiful eyes and a smile that could kill , and her body is amazing. Evrything about her is complete perfection , besides that the fact that she can sometimes get crazy when she really cares for someone or something. She has no problem defending herself and is very assertive . Shes a quiet girl until she gets comfortable then you see her great personality! Shes the perfect girl to have as a girlfriend.
Yura looked so beautiful today at the bonfire
Yura: define #4
A crazy OC I made up that annoys her friends to no end but they love her anyways. Loves to get roll around in the mud, acts like a 1 year old, loves puppies and kittens, and her friend is more of a babysitter than a friend. Pushes people away when she’s sad or stressed except for maybe 3 people. Also highly sarcastic and throws empty threats a lot. Can get pretty emotional after throwing an empty threat and then being told to follow through with it when she clearly can’t.
Yura: I’m gonna kill you

Bela: Do it

Yura: Fine *walks up*

Bela: *stands there*

Yura: *tears up* I’m sorry Bela! *hugs her*