Best definition
anyone who is muscular and can shoot the 3

Matt Yuros is the yurest person i know
yur: define #2
a word expressing verbal agreement when in conversation or messenging
Lebron: Did you see my game? i scored 39 points

some kid: yur

yur: define #3
Gangsta way of sayin yea

1) Said in agreement to a question/query

2) Short for “you are”

“did you go to tha show yesterday?”

“Yur – Of course i did.”

“Yur da bomb shawty”

yur: define #4
A verbal disagreement or dislikening statement to another comment. Used in almost any situation to exercise negativity during conversation. Essentially a way of saying no, or I can’t be bothered.

Can be used as a vehicle to insult another person, or a way to pile upon another’s misfortune.

Also hyperbolised by adding fat as a prefix.

“Do you want to come to a movie?”


Someone falls over on a bike.

That guy is such a yur.

We have geography next period.

That is a fat yur.

Steven Gerrard slips in a football match.

Yurrrrrr stevie g.

yur: define #5
A female you would like to talk to.
Paul-Aye check out these lil YUR(s) coming up the block fo.

Darry- yeah i see em’ scoe.

Paul- yeah fo i’m bout to spit that shit at em.

yur: define #6
sup or yes
u like muzik yuuuuuur

yur was poppin nikka

yur: define #7
another way of saying you are
Yur so stupid.

Yur the worst.