yuppie puppie

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yuppie puppie
A day care brat. The spawn of a yuppie and a soccer mom. A child raised without its mother among many others of its kind. It has no manners, no discipline. If it is female, it is saddled with a name like Cassidy or Madison or Shropshire. If it is male, it never learns to be masculine.
Yuppie puppies are the future of America. Unfortunately, they are all going to be future yuppies and soccer moms and liberals.
Donald and Taylor have two female yuppie puppies named Chungus and Fiester.
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yuppie puppiecollege
One who is raised by yuppies. Since all yuppies themselves are different, their offspring also vary. Most, though, grew up riding in the back of a Volvo station wagon on the way to soccer practice. Some went to private schools, where as others attend public school so that their parents can condescend the morons that generally are a dime a dozen in public school. The average yuppie puppie was taught to read college textbooks in preschool but will ultimately spend a lifettime living off of mom and dad.
Conner spent his childhood reading physics textbooks on the way to soccer practice. He’s now in boarding school because he got kicked out of his quaint public school for teaching the class how to make crack. Yuppie senior is having a hard time explaining her yuppie puppie to the rest of the country club.