Best definition
Anything Delicious and satisfying … food or person or action..

I just finish cooking some yummers.

I will make sure to look yummers tonight.

Lastnight was so freakening yummers.

yummers: define #2
Delicious food
This chicken sandwich is yummer
yummers: define #3
said after tasting something delicious
Yummers Bobby! Your cum tastes great!
yummers: define #4
Something idiots say to describe something that tastes good.
If you say yummers again I will punch in you in the face.
yummers: define #5
Word used to decribe the most awesome friend.
Yummers…. whatchya doooING?
yummers: define #6
Used to describe something delicious.
Look Sophers thinks that poo is yummers!!!
yummers: define #7
yummers is what ppl say when they are bord to tears with you and will say enything to get rid of you or just make you shut up….
(yummers) sea queen123-i got alot of math homework

pink star159-oh yummers