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yum yum eat em up
in the 1933 Little Rascals film titled The Kid from Borneo (1933)The kids’ uncle George, whom they’ve never seen, is

the black sheep of the family, and their father won’t let him come visit. George is a promoter, and the kids mistake his Wild Man of Borneo for their uncle himself and bring him home. But the Wild Man has a sweet tooth, and his near-constant chant of “yum yum, eat’em up!” is predictably mistaken by the kids. Chaos ensues.

Man from borneo lifts bed skirt (where some of the kids are hiding) and chants ‘Yum yum eat em up’
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yum yum eat em up
A very large teacher. A person who eats too much and is afraid of germs.
OH NO!!! Yum yum eat em up IS ABOUT TO EAT US!!!!!!
yum yum eat em up: define #3
yum yum eatem’ up
When you see hot guy/girl and you want to “eatem’ up”
email #1: Did you see that hot guy? He is so fine!

email #2: You mean…yum yum eatem’ up