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Yui, Pearl and here twin sisters 555, if its anymore than a handful its a waste
Yui: define #2
19-year-old female singer who is now very famous in Japan. she has a very beautiful voice. Also she is a very pro acoustic guitarist. She is very cute!
“Yui is the cutest girl on earth!”


“How can you not know who Yui is?”
Yui: define #3
An amazing and beautiful girl who is normally misunderstood but when you get to know her is the best girlfriend a guy could ever want, amazing personality and very caring, loves to snuggle and spend time with the one she loves.

If you find a Yui never let her go

Guy1: I just met the most amazing girl today

Guy2: it was Yui wasn’t it?

Guy1: how did you know?

Yui: define #4
The easiest way to type a name.
“What’s your name?”

Yui: define #5
A Japtastic individual prone to kamikaze style stunts when under the influence of alcohol.
Shiiiit, that yui should totally get chemically castrated for the sake of the survival of the human species.
Yui: define #6
Yahoo User Interface
Do you like the new YUI?