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The country of Yugoslavia was, at one time, the largest state in south-eastern Europe, the region known as the Balkans.

The country was home to many peoples including Slovenes, Croats, Serbs, Montenegrins, Albanians, and Macedonians. Yugoslavia was also home to different religions such as Roman Catholic, Christian Orthodox and Islam.
The kingdom of Yugoslavia, which was first know as The Kingdom of Serbs, Slovenes and Croats, was formed after World War 1 when the Austro-Hungarian empire signed the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty broke apart the empire and provinces of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia wanted to create their own independent kingdom. Yugoslavia (name changed in 1929, meaning “land of the south Slavs”) was created with the king of Serbia, Alexander I at head. Many non-Serbs felt they had little say in the running of the kingdom and the king ruled as a dictator until being assassinate in 1934.
In 1941, Yugoslavia fell to Germany and was divided among Germany, Italy and Hungary. Yugoslavia emerged from World War 2 as an independent communist federation of Yugoslav republic lead by Josip (Tito) Broz. World War II had left scars of ethnic identities. Following Tito’s death in 1980, nationalism became a powerful tool for politicians to use to win over their respective peoples. The growing interest in Serb nationalism helped a Serb nationalist, Slobodan Milosevic rise to power. Milosevic intended to make the Serbs dominant in Yugoslavia and create a “Greater Serbia”. In 1990, communism collapsed entirely following the elections held in the republics of Yugoslavia and nationalism was the most powerful force in country’s politics.
In 1991, Slovenia and Croatia declared independence followed by Macedonia later in the year and Bosnia-Herzegovina in early 1992. Milosevic argued that their declarations of independence were illegal and at the Serbs’ instructions, the Yugoslav army was sent into Slovenia in, June 1991, to try and stop the republic from declaring independence but quickly withdrew. Milosevic was willing to let Slovenia go, but now he had set his eyes on Croatia and sent his army into Croatia. In 1992, Croatia agreed to a cease-fire leaving 30 percent of Croatia occupied by the Serbian Yugoslav army. In 1992, the European Community (EC) recognized Slovenia and Croatia as independent countries. In 1992, the Yugoslav army went into Bosnia- Herzegovina to “cleanse” the republic of Muslims and other non-Serbs. The fighting would continue in Croatia and Bosnia until a cease-fire is arranged in 1994 in Bosnia and Croatia but the cease-fire would end in 1995. The final cease-fire would be called on October in 1995 in both Croatia and Bosnia, ending years of slaughter and “ethnic cleansing” the likes of which had not been seen since the Jewish killings during World War II.
The country of Yugoslavia, which at one time had a population of 45 million, was now divided into 5 different countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, and Macedonia Almost overnight, the world’s perception of Yugoslavia went from being a peaceful, serene and stable country, into a land of murder and refugees and the world was left wondering, what went wrong.

Yugoslavia was once a peaceful country, then when Tito died, it all went to shit.
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Yugoslavia has seven frontiers, six republics, five nationalities, four languages, three religons, two alphabets and one boss!
A Yugoslav joke from the 1970s
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Beautiful country, with beautiful languages, cultures and peoples. Fascist racists fucked it up.
I miss Jugoslavija. 🙁 Some Bosnians and other Yugoslavs (mostly artists, movie makers, etc,) still call themselves Yugoslavs.

Yugoslavia.. good times, good times.

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This is the biggest bullshit ever. We had it all. One powerful country that went down to the fucking toilet.

I am from Croatia and I can live aside my fellow Serbian like brothers; but you people are too uptight about your “national pride” to do so. You ruin a good country. Fuck racism. Fuck you all. Fuck fascism. Fuck nationalism.

Yugoslavia was a good vision of a country that should never have broken up.
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Yugoslavia was not a nation-state but a state of many nationalities. It was once a nice big country, until pitiful country’s within Yugoslavia broke away which is why everything has gone to shit.
Just think about it for a moment. Yugoslavia would have been much better off as one big state. there never would have been any wars, hundreds and thousands of people would not have died and the region would be much more stable today.
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a nation that had people of many ethnic groups, languages, religions, alphabets and other catagories live together under one flag and one ruler. It was formed after World War I as a kingdom. The name “Yugoslavia” technically means the “Land of the South Slavs”. It was later ruled in a dictatorial manner and during World War II the country was torn apart partially due to actions by the Axis powers. One example of this calamity is that the Utashe, a Croatian fascist group established a Croatian puppet state and waged a campaign of extermination against the Serb ethnic group. A Croatian Communist, Josef “Tito” Broz, managed to reunite Yugoslavia at the war’s end and he ruled the entire land under his version of Communism (independent of the influence of the Soviet leaders) until his death in 1980. The communist glue lost its hold on the country by the end of the decade, opening the way for fascists like Slobodan Milosevic and nationalists like Franjo Tudjman and others to stir up ethnic tensions. The Communist government resigned and voted itself out of existance in early 1990 and elections were soon held. Milosevic the son-of-a-bitch wanted control of the land for himself and his policies led to several years of secession, wars and “ethnic cleansing” and a new Holocaust. The nation fell apart in a raging cauldron of violence and now Yugoslavia is no more. There are now several ethnically-based countries, although Bosnia is a mixed bag republic consisting of people in the Croat, Serb and Muslim ethnic groups. “Yugoslavia” is now a word that refers to a country torn apart by hatred and violence between ethnic groups.
1. Rwanda and the Sudan (Darfur region) have experienced ethnic genocide just like Yugoslavia.

2. Some ignorant bigots with their attitudes concerning a certain black Presidential candidate and racist mythology about immigrants (legal and not) and post-9/11 fears stemming from terrorist actions are talking of “America for the Americans” and “RAHOWA”. They use these issues to justify their hate. They want to turn this great nation into another Yugoslavia. That way is NOT the answer.

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Republic of South Slavic people carved out of the remains of the Austrio-Hungarian empire.

1. Known for having a horrible war in the early 90s which dissolved the country into 6 republics: Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro

2. A country where the most drop dead gorgeous models come from. Photographers from Paris, Milan and London are sent to roam the streets of the Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb, and Kosovo to find models for the top fashion houses such as Chanel, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Valentino

Guy 1: Dude! Did you see the ads for Gucci? ! All the models are hot!

Guy 2: Really?

Guy 1: Yeah! Gorgeous women, high cheekbones, tall, long legs , big boobs, they are hot!

Guy 2: Well of course! They all come from the Former Yugoslavia!