yubo gangs

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yubo gangs
A large group of people who beef one another on the internet (skengs, PG, £R)
The “yubo gangstas” or the “internet


Dem yubo gangs these days, like skengs are doing bits still, they got beef tho with pg
yubo gangs: define #2
yubo gangs
A group of teenagers that beef and bait ppl on the internet to earn reputation and respect

Gangs include former skengs, pg and now A1s and the red bags
Drizzy : them yubo gangs like A2s are keyboard warriors still

Me: red bags to the world and back

Drizzy: Yhhhh snm

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yubo gangs: define #3
Yubo gangs
A large group of people or a friendship group who are known for beef and convo on the internet. It is now viewed as a dead concept
The ꪃ¹♛ Yubo Gangs patterned bare mandem, they are active still
yubo gangs: define #4
Yubo gangs
A well known group of 15-18 yr old teenagers who beef on yubo and to gain the most respect and reputation on the app
Dem pg skengs Yubo gangs still beefing

Yeh they still are

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