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yoyin is a word to describe an awesome, African girl who is great at everything. yoyins are typically known for

being the best people you could ever meet in your life ever. when you come into contact with a yoyin you are struck by how all round amazing they are. they are also very beautiful and mega sexy.

wow, what a yoyin
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the name yoyin belongs to an african princess. they are usually called yoyinsola or an even longer name but tend to shorten it to yoyin. if you meet a yoyin just know that you are so lucky to have them in your life. they are also very pretty, kind and smart they usually have nice eyes. they tend to draw boys because of their looks. a yoyin’s bestfriend is absolutely gorgeous and pretty but not nearly as amazing,kind and pretty as yoyin. if you meet a yoyin just know your blessed for life💋
Wow is that Yoyin and Jess

They peng especially Yoyin!