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The process of browsing and watching videos on
Guy 1: Hey dude, have you ever been YouTubing?

Guy 2: Yeah it’s gnarley!

YouTubing: define #2
When one watches one video on YouTube then the viewer sees something that catches their eye in the “Related” section on the side and watches this video then finds another interesting video on “Related” and watches and so on. This process can last for hours, leading the view to videos completely unrelated to the original video they watched, this is very important to discovery of small videos. It is sometimes very hard to stop once you’ve started.
Dylan: I’m bored…

PacMan: How about we do some YouTubing?

Dylan: Okay, that sounds fun!
YouTubing: define #3
simply dedicating an amount of time during your day to spend browsing YouTube

ver. ‘to youtube’

hello phillip…. fancy youtubing for a bit?

i really need to youtube for a bit, i am so bored

YouTubing: define #4
to watch as many videos on as possibly. Most commonly in one siting.
Jim: “After School Im going to go youtubing.”

Jose: ‘ kick ass, i did that last Saturday.
YouTubing: define #5
A verb meaning: to waste ones life away on a pointless website, usually lasting several hours per day.
“I was youtubing the other day and I saw the most funny video of a cat falling asleep!”
YouTubing: define #6
The act of creating or watching YouTube videos or content.
“Person 1: “Hey, watcha doin?” Person 2: “Oh, I’m just youtubing…”

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YouTubing: define #7
The process in which a person spends a large length of time watching clips on you-tube. Usually, this is time that should be spending doing other things like homework.
Person one: “You get the math project done?”

Person two: “No, I was you-tubing most of the night.”