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YouTube Police
People who spend the majority of their time looking through the comment section of YouTube videos with the sole purpose

of searching out trolls, little kids or idiots with comments blatantly ignorant to the content of the video or that just don’t make much sense, and ‘policing’ them.

littlekid11 – “lol cod is so much better than this dumb minecraft peice of shit”

MrHouightyToighty007 – “First of all, CoD is only popular because it has guns, and makes you kill other people. Secondly, CoD is for little kid fags like you who don’t know how to appreciate a good game like Minecraft at all. Thirdly the audience of games like CoD like yourself are entirely different than people who play this game, so your comparison is entirely incorrect as it is.”

dude_guy321 – “Stop being a YouTube police in the comment section and do something useful with your time. Jeez.”