YouTube Party

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YouTube Party
When friends join together to drink or hang out only to inevitably end up in someone’s room or on someone’s

laptop watching YouTube videos, YTMND links,, etc.

The party was going really well until someone made a Double Rainbow reference. Everyone immediately stormed my room for a YouTube Party until 3AM.
YouTube Party: define #2
youtube party
when a bunch of friends get together to drink, have a good time and watch videos on Youtube.
Man, im so pumped for that youtube party on saturday!
YouTube Party: define #3
youtube party
generally when two or more (often stoned) people go back and forth, sharing their favorite youtube videos. the video that you chose should be reflective of your good taste. the more obscure the better.
i showed her that one video of X and then she showed me this other crazy one and then

all the sudden we were having a youtube party that lasted all night.
YouTube Party: define #4
Youtube Party
The sitting and sharing of links to youtube videos.
Boy says:

Let’s start having a youtube party!!

Boy says:

I’ll start —

Girl says: