youtube kid

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youtube kidinternet
the kid that constantly bombards you with annoying youtube videos, insisting that you watch
conajjj3243: yo check this out

fischkid: ehhh….fine

Cronajjj3243: No man this one is sooooo funny

fischkid: you’re being that youtube kid

youtube kid: define #2
Youtube Kidmusic
A kid that is in love with youtube. They make videos once a week and wear their favorite youtube top every single day. Also they have youtube socks.
Nerimon is a youtube kid because he makes videos and has youtube attire.
youtube kid: define #3
YouTube Kids
An app for streaming endless dubious content to one’s children on old cell phones no longer needed by their parents. While YouTube originally featured uploaded premium content for young audiences under 10 minutes in length – mostly famous cartoon shorts by Disney Pixar, Warner Bros., MGM, and other retro classics in their original format – the studios have since grown wise to their content being put out there and monetized by YouTubers rather than by themselves. In order to remedy this, YouTubers now have to make sure that premium content now has to be distorted in some way to be permitted on YouTube Kids be it presented in extreme close-up, as a clip with alternate intro/ending, inverted, or relegated to a small corner of the screen with stupid background graphics filling the other 3/4th of the video presentation.

Since familiar premium content has now by and large been removed from YouTube and YouTube Kids, it has become a repository of Eastern European CGI webjunk masquerading as popular kids cartoons containing psychotic or drug elements to terrify toddlers and people recording themselves spending 10 hours opening Pokemon Card packs.

Users intent on obtaining free premium content on the web have been compelled to turn to ever-dwindling warez sites instead to get retail DVD images of classic and latest releases thus circumventing YouTube Kids altogether.

No, Billy; I don’t want you watching YouTube Kids. Last time I heard “Johnny, Johnny, Yes Papa”, and “Wheels on the Bus” a dozen times with synthesizer soundtracks and graphics that will melt your brain.

Have you heard about the NY Times, Nov 4, 2017, article about the psycho Paw Patrol cartoon, “PAW PatrolBabies Pretend to Die Suicide by Annabelle Hypnotized”, where some of the characters died crashing into a telephone pole and others walked off the roof after being hypnotized by a demon-possessed doll? You don’t want your kids watching that! – Here, if you have a thumb drive, I’l put some Pixar shorts for them instead.

Jimmy, are you watching YouTube kids again? Give me the old phone so I can password-lock it! What the heck is this? Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse doing LSD? Turn it off!