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you guys, you all
hey what are youns doin tonight
youns: define #2
yuhn – noun

A term African Americans associate and compare to “youngling”, but in a manner which may imply friendship.
-Yo, what is cracking in the hood, my home boy?

-Not much is cracking in the hood upon this hour, “youn”.
youns: define #3
1.)a derogatory term that refers to people of vietnamese ancestry.the word was employed for political purposes. silly americans,trix are for kids.

2.)”Yuon” was a term used in the context of commence and trade to refer to the Vietnamese people. They do not consider this a derogatory term.

WARNING:technically, the orgins of “youn” was not used to denigrate thy vietnamese neighbor. however, it kinda,sorta became one since the world doesn’t know how to get along, so, please,be kind to your neighbors.

Mr. Books is such a youn. The gleam from his bald spot is always shining bright in my eyes.

see those youns hiding in the rice patties, they are going to kill us.

yo,youn-a! wut up beeitch? where my money?

you give me 5 youns and give you one. nice doing business with you.

youns: define #4
A word that can mean anything you want it to mean, better understood by followers of the darnsdale language
youn? youn.
youns: define #5
Y’all +3
A Youns Get Off My Front Porch You Sons Of Bitches.
youns: define #6
The Blackest of the blacks, only second to Jason.
OH SHIT, that Youn robbed my ass last night!
youns: define #7
a kind beautiful girl with long thick hair and a big soul. she can be a true friend and is loyal and intellegent. when you first meet her she will be a bit shy but eventually her real self will shine out. she finds it hard to sometimes tell secrets but if she is really good friends with you then she will tell you some. when you gain her trust you will nevery loose it from her and you will most likely be friends for the rest of your life. she does not fall in love easily but when she finds someone, she is really into them.
Friend: hi youn, how are you

Youn: hi ____ my day was great and i hope yous was too