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Youngstown, OH
A dwindling city in northeast Ohio. Though it was once a booming business city (dealing in the steel industry), the

mafia and gangs destroyed its every shred of dignity. The city now has much crime, many idiots, and way too many abandoned buildings, but it’s not all bad. There are bright, young minds being cultured in the city’s schools (as there are some good teachers left there). Youngstown State University (located at center of town) has great programs, including engineering and music. Youngstown Early College, a city high school, gives children with potential the opportunity to earn their high school diplomas and YSU Associate’s degrees at the same time (21 were awarded within the first 4 graduating classes, including classes 2008-2011, including 2 earned by 17 yr olds). Plenty of other things in Youngstown are positive, as well.Some of the main problems in Youngstown stem from budget cuts to the educational system and the city’s lack of detectives, which puts a damper in law enforcement. Over all, Youngstown is not a bad place. However, if you EVER go there, know what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. Do not get caught up in the projects, ghetto people, or fights. Also, if you go to the east side or bus station, don’t wander or trust anyone you don’t personally know. If you’re waiting for a bus at the station, walk up Fifth Ave. and wait either at Taco Bell, McDonald’s, or a bench at YSU, then go down to the bus station when it’s time to go.

In one 5-person family from Youngstown, OH, there can be an Ivy-league college student, a crackhead, a whore, an impoverished hard worker, and a determined student who will one day become a doctor.