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Etymology: Derived from the phrase Young, which means inbred
1. Someone who is of limited gene-pool
2. Someone who has intercourse,

and partakes of all sorts of sexual activity with members of both their immediate and extended family
3. A f**king inbred
4. Someone who has numerous contusions and hematomas as a result of violent sexual activity with family members
5. Someone whose facial hair grows in lumps

1. Daniel had sex with his mum last night, therefore he is a Youngie


Youngie: define #2
an underage girl. jailbait+.

usually youngies differ from jailbait as they actively pursue guys with which to have sex, and usually suceeds.
that youngie gave me the biggest boner. she gave me a lapdance and it was all over.
Youngie: define #3

(meaning great ruler of people,

a name that demands respect)

Also at times referred to as Eric.

Is a truly great man and has an epic beard

some times looks like Bernard fanning

a term for someone great at beer games

wow that George w certainly doesn’t rule like a youngie

hey hes got such a Youngie beard

that guy so a youngie at beer pong!