Young man’d

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Young man’d
Verb When a security guard, teacher, principal, or any other school official with small but self-imagined authority at school (typically in the cafeteria) addresses you with a loud “Young man,” usually after you have just thrown food, sat or stood on a table, put a hat on, used a phone/iPod, had sagging pants, or committed any other mild offense. After being “young man’d,” one is either given a warning, a detention, or in worse cases, told to “come with me,” where a trip to the office, a call home, and/or suspension follows.
“Hey dude I could have started an awesome food fight at lunch if I hadn’t gotten ‘young man’d’ by that annoying security guard.”

“It was so funny when that kid tried to start a flash mob by jumping on the table but instead was ‘young man’d’ by the principal.”

“Ha ha he just got ‘young man’d’ “.